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Green Gold Lemon

Green gold lemon is a blend of Moringa, lemon and lemon grass.

Green gold lemon is a blend of Moringa, lemon and lemon grass. Many culture in the world use lemon and lemongrass as relief from respiratory disorders, fever, stomach disorders, insomnia, fatigue, aches/pains, diabetes, cancer, infections, rheumatism, edema, nervous system, detoxification, obesity and maintaining optimum blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels, blood circulation, cellular health, healthy skin, repair connective body tissue and immune system. Moringa oleifera has been in use for more than 2,000 yrs in many cultures for its nutritional and medicinal properties.its nutritional potency is undisputed,with 96 bio-available nutrients,25 multi-vitamins,46 anti oxidants 30% protein(18 amino acids) omega 3,6,9,calcium,iron,zinc,and other minerals Combine GreenGold lemon with a healthy balanced diet, high in fiber, fruits, vegetables and plenty of water. Enjoy our full range of products; Green gold moringa powder, Green gold spirulina, Green gold detox and Exercise to fully attain good health. Regular intakes nourishes the body with necessary vitamins and minerals for health energy and longevity .


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