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Botanic Treasures does nutrition health empowerment, environment conservation, community empowerment and livelihood improvement through moringa tree planting by producing natural health products that combat malnutrition, degenerative diseases, support food security and uplift the economic living standards of small holder farmers. Through production of high quality, locally sourced and competitively priced Moringa oleifera leaf powder, moringa green tea , seeds and moringa oil. We partner with smallholder farmers who practice traditional farming with best agricultural practice, by commercializing production of moringa oleifera, which has been voted as the most nutritious plant on earth, to sustainably address malnutrition and lifestyle diseases. This provides a win-win scenario by uplifting the livelihood of venerable farmers in harsh climatic conditions to have a cash crop that also provides alternative affordable nutrition.

KWALA, FIELD FRESH, MUTHAIGA MINI MARKET & BURNLEY. We further train the grassroots community in Nutrition education, donate moringa tree and offer linkages to micro finance organizations. By supporting Botanic Treasures you are helping sustain the livelihood of over 500 farmers and families. We look forward to partnering with you to foster social economic and environmental impact to communities in Kenya… to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being and increase social impact

For Bulk purchases Call: +254 722 870 071/ viber +254 722 202 079