Our Key Objective

Botanic treasures will intensively promote, market and sell nutritious health products for profit Research on indigenous foods that have been orphaned due to adoption of modern processed foods by advocating and training, on management and growing of highly Nutritious and medicinal plants.


Collaborate with private and public research organizations and universities to develop appropriate technologies and to commercialize scientific ideals from reputable scientists that will address malnutrition and food security.

Act as a bridge to pass research findings by private and public institutions on issues addressing malnutrition and food security.

Provide our products at subsidized rates to PLWHA- People living with HIV/AIDS, and to poor needy malnourished children in slums and marginalized regions Advocate and train on lifestyle change by promoting nutritional products that are able to reduce, prevent, manage lifestyle diseases like Cancer, Diabetes, High blood pressure,obesity and Heart attack.

Partner with local and international producers to Franchise and Distribute natural health products.