Company Profile

Botanic Treasures Ltd is a hybrid for profit social enterprise with an overall aim of creating natural health products for combating malnutrition, degenerative diseases, food security and uplifting theeconomic living standards of small holder farmers mostly in Arid and semi Aridareas. Through production of high quality and competitively priced moringa leifera nutritional suppliments and fortified foods that give health and nutrition advantage to the end user.

The uniqueness of this social enterprice is that it offers a win win scenario for both the marginalised farmers in the arid and semi arid regions who have for decades been dependants on relief to have a plant that can survive harsh climatic conditions. This will aid in sustaining a healthy working nation, spur economic growth and food security.

Botanic treasures is involved in farmer capacity building,in raw material ollection,transportation, processing,branding, marketing and distribution, We also undertake research and development of moringa products and other nutritious and medicinal crops in partnership with relevant organizations like the KEMRI- kenya medical reserch institute,KEFRI-kenya forestry research institute and KARI- Kenya Agricultural Research Institute.

This business idea offers kenya a great opportunity to meet its vision 2030 goals of food security, employment creation and industrialization by raising house hold income levels through sustainable agri- business and innovative value additionThe achievement of sustainability by enabling the social enterprise to support itself financially in innovative ways instead of rellying solely on grants and donations.